A Passion to Paint: The Brief, but Fruitful, Life of Arnold Otto Krug

Arnold Krug painting al fresco in the Arizona desert, circa 1940.

I made the acquaintance of Arnold Krug, desert artist, while curating an exhibition for the Mesa Historical Museum in Arizona.  This exhibit featured the work of two artists who had  lived for periods of time at Mesa’s historic Buckhorn Baths.  The Baths, a hot-spring spa and resort that catered to baseball’s Cactus league teams, was owned and operated by Ted and Alice Sliger, a kindly couple who had a soft spot for desert art and artists and who frequently offered a home to those in need of one. One of the two exhibited artists, George Frederick Gleich, was flamboyant, an…

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Effie Anderson Smith: How To Revive the Legend of A Forgotten Artist

Effie Anderson Smith, a Grand Canyon view from 1928. All images courtesy of Steven Carlson.

Effie Anderson Smith was an early Arizona settler and artist who studied with the esteemed California Impressionists Anna Hills and Jean Mannheim. She admired the Salton Sea mirages, declaring them on par with the Sulphur Springs Valley mirages in Arizona. So, for our purposes, she belongs in the annals of California desert art. For her…

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Cabot Yerxa: The Theosophist-Artist of Miracle Hill

Cabot's painting of Seven Palms oasis. Courtesy of Cabot's Pueblo Museum.

One hundred years ago Cabot Yerxa scraped a dugout into a clay bank, claiming a 160-acre homestead on a patch of sand alive with wind and water spirits. (Today we call them energy vortexes.) He spent $10 on a burro, Merry Xmas, then later built a Hopi-style pueblo of 35 rooms, now one of the…

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Emerging from the Shadows: A Survey of Women Artists Working in California, 1860-1960

Shadows book cover

Fans of California art had heard rumors that the fine arts conservator and scholar Maurine St. Gaudens was working on a book about California women artists. Given Maurine’s reputation, it was bound to be big. Now that the four-volume set has been released, though, it’s clear that nothing could have prepared us for this visual…

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The Lost Colony of Sven-Ska: Christina Lillian and the Cathedral City Artists

Christina Lillian at home CC

Evan Lindquist heard stories about his Aunt Emma all his life. She was a beautiful blonde artist–a friend to Greta Garbo and D.H. Lawrence–and she ruled over an artists’ colony called Sven-Ska somewhere out in the California desert. To a boy growing up in small town Kansas, Sven-Ska seemed as exotic as Atlantis. This legendary…

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