• User AvatarTom { "So many people see the desert as a big wasteland and of no importance. But the land has stories to tell us and those stories... } – Dec 11, 7:26 AM
  • User AvatarClaudia Byran { So important to document these sites and preserve the photographs. Big thank you to all involved past and present. Wish more people knew of our... } – Dec 11, 3:50 AM
  • User Avatarglenda bayless { thank you dear ann, wonderfully resonating' caring about what came before us. love!!!! the horse geoglyph. } – Dec 10, 11:47 AM
  • User Avatarjim { Fascinating article and will now look for Mrs Ainsworth's book. Thanks for sharing.... } – Nov 27, 6:31 AM
  • User AvatarMarius { All nice paintings. Eric Merrell's painting impresses me most. Met him at his the Borrego institute during the Plein air and I was lucky to... } – Nov 26, 11:20 PM
  • User Avatarjim { Yes, a fascinating post Ann. How the human spirit prevails even under the worst conditions! Thanks for sharing that. } – Nov 21, 8:50 AM
  • User Avatarglenda { so good to read about people who care!!!! about what is beautiful! thank you for keeping the light, dear ann! glenda } – Nov 05, 7:25 PM
  • User AvatarTom McCaffrey { Hi there, my name is Tom McCaffrey, I'm a goldsmith. I live in Michigan City Indiana. I have been buying your bird cards for years... } – Nov 04, 8:23 PM
  • User AvatarDan Givens { I am an art broker and have clients who buy and sell Paul Grimm and many other artists to include Southern California art. I currently... } – Oct 15, 1:14 PM
  • User Avatarglenda { fascinating....beautifully pure, art within history. thank you for sharing dear ann. a "kind" rememberance of what we must remember. } – Oct 11, 1:30 PM
  • User AvatarAnn Japenga { Hi Judith, There were a lot of prints made of F. Grayson Sayre's work, including one of a lake ringed by mountains--as you described. I... } – Sep 26, 2:39 PM
  • User AvatarJudith K. Arnold { In cleaning out my mother in law's home, we found an F. Grayson Sayre painting or print. It has a lake, mountains and trees on... } – Sep 26, 11:26 AM
  • User Avatarglenda { interesting and wow! how much this amazing country has changed in the twenty plus years since this wonderfully human story happened. thank you for sharing,... } – Sep 24, 8:54 AM
  • User AvatarTom Baldwin { A very talented artist. Thanks for the posting. } – Sep 23, 1:08 PM
  • User AvatarMarcia Geiger { Thanks Chuck and Ann for publishing the excerpt. Chuck has paintings at Gallery 62 in Joshua Tree this month, and I picked up a copy... } – Sep 23, 7:54 AM
  • User AvatarAnn Japenga { Hi Lyle, Armand Vallee was a stylish painter with an interesting background. He was born in Austria to a family of artists, emigrated to Calgary... } – Sep 10, 11:27 AM
  • User Avatarlyle fish { i have 3 armand valle paintings of the borrego area. they were house warming gifts to my parents who were friends and lived in the... } – Sep 09, 4:15 PM
  • User AvatarClaudia Byran { Wonderful, wonderful piece! The power of desert magic. Something happens to you out there--ineffable and mysterious. You go Jamie. Thank you for all your work... } – Sep 09, 4:27 AM
  • User Avatarglenda { sounds wonderful, dear ann, a must have! book and a most! thoughtful hand book for the soul. similarities/companion to lester rowntree's "hardy californians", a woman's... } – Sep 06, 2:03 PM
  • User AvatarStevie Weinberg { To the author: A delightful article. To Ron: What a wonderful journey you took together. Now you must continue the journey with Susan's blessings. Stevie... } – Sep 04, 9:44 AM
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