• User AvatarDavid Roughen { I have an Arnold Krug painting of superstition mountain. My grandmother purchased it in Fond Du Lac WI in the early 40's. I remember my... } – Aug 30, 9:29 AM
  • User AvatarToti { "In league with the stones of the earth", Hazel was an explosion of FORTITUDE. Fascinating discovery! Thank you. } – Aug 06, 8:24 PM
  • User Avatarglenda { inspiring to read of one of us who marched to his own drum, committed, strong and true to his path, as he listens! thank you... } – Aug 04, 10:04 PM
  • User AvatarVaughan Davies { Thank you for the introduction to artist Ernest Blumenschein's amazing work. His ability to capture the monumental structures we all too often take for granted... } – Jul 22, 9:49 AM
  • User Avatarglenda { i "know" this article made hazel smile big! thank you for taking the high and less travelled article road,dear ann! } – Jul 09, 10:02 PM
  • User AvatarRobin Stewart { This is amazing...but...shhh - don't tell anybody. Good luck with the preservation. Thank you Anne for sharing another discovery of our majestic desert. } – Jul 09, 9:09 AM
  • User Avatarclaudia byran { Another example of hidden desert magic. Ineffable energy out there. Hazel felt it and put the message in stone. "Wonder Valley"--been there, perfect name. Thank... } – Jul 09, 4:30 AM
  • User AvatarJames Trolinger { Another really interesting read. Who would have guessed? It must have been a thrilling discovery and it needs to be preserved. Thanks. } – Jul 08, 6:43 PM
  • User AvatarM Christie { I am in awe. Who is it that decrees our efforts must conform to how the mere mortal mind observes? All of Reality is found... } – Jul 08, 4:56 PM
  • User AvatarTom Baldwin { I like the cactus } – Jul 01, 6:07 PM
  • User AvatarMarcia { I wondered how that bus came to land over at MDLT, and never crossed paths with it out in the wilderness. I am glad there... } – Jun 30, 8:05 PM
  • User Avatarglenda { inspiring, refreshing, thoughtful and heartening knowing that you are out/up there, dear ann, willing to go the distance for art stories! } – Jun 30, 10:29 AM
  • User Avatarjim develyn { Another fascinating story that makes the area come alive even more. Clark is an author I've often wondered about and will now do some poking... } – Jun 18, 1:34 PM
  • User Avatarclaudia byran { Once again, Anne, you brought us buried treasure- the work of Robert Cole Caples. One trip to Pyramid Lake and it is easy to understand... } – Jun 17, 3:57 AM
  • User Avatarglenda { does it get any better! a wonderful story about a wonderful story, dear ann, you outdid yourself! robert caple's paintings are so now! from back... } – Jun 15, 10:05 PM
  • User AvatarConstance Walsh { The comparison with Agnes Pelton is justified. Caples' work is sublime! As is yours, Anne, for tirelessly excavating and finding treasure, time after time. Very... } – Jun 15, 8:53 PM
  • User AvatarTom Baldwin { I loved that first painting } – Jun 14, 10:07 PM
  • User AvatarTom Baldwin { Like the mountain landscape } – Apr 16, 8:07 PM
  • User AvatarJim Trolinger { Another really interesting newsletter. Thanks especially for the article and link about the Indio water tower. } – Apr 16, 4:31 PM
  • User AvatarJanet morgan { I was reading Barry Lopez's Stone Horse and a little googling brought me here! } – Apr 11, 10:44 AM
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