Burt Procter Painting Demo Surfaces

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The secret to Burt Procter’s distinctive style might have vanished with him except that his daughter, Ginny Bohannan, has now shared an early video of her father teaching his technique. Aspiring desert artists can watch as the cowboy modernist demonstrates the patterned, nearly-abstract style that was influenced by Nicolai Fechin, but was ultimately Procter’s own.

The film was made by Allend’or productions in the 1950s and was marketed to art students at the high school level and above. An accompanying information sheet says: “The Direct Method, brought into prominence by the Impressionists, can be observed in the paintings of Monet, Vlaminick and Renoir. Burt Procter, popular Western artist, demonstrates its characteristic technique.”

For more on Procter see the article recently posted on this website: https://www.californiadesertart.com/?p=1971

7 comments for “Burt Procter Painting Demo Surfaces

  1. Dear Ginny:

    My Mother Freda Marshall studied with your Dad in the 1950’s.
    Your Dad did a painting for her in 1956 called The Water Hole and signed it Burt,Katherine and Ginny. The painting was just discovered a few months ago and my wife and I feel very privelidged to have it.
    Thank You, George Marshall

  2. My mother-in-law sat next to your father at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles in the early 30’s when it was a three bedroom house. He gave her a watercolor depicting the hillside homes of Chavez Ravine. It still hangs on our wall.

  3. Hi Ginny.
    I am Linda Lous daughter. Herschel Smiths granddaughter.
    My mother would love to catch up. Your second cousin.
    I remember your mom and dad and I loved their sweet spirit.
    I even recall looking at some of your fathers art when they had visited in Jackson, MS.
    Please email me and I will give you moms contact information.
    Libbie Tedford

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