DeWayne “Dooby” Williams: Guru of the Black Rock Desert

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I arrived at Gerlach, Nevada late in the day on a photo assignment for Nevada Magazine. A story about two railroading sisters who hauled materials from the Empire gypsum plant to Gerlach and Union Pacific’s main line where the loaded railroad cars were picked up. I needed a writer so I could concentrate on taking photographs and invited a friend, Linda Neimann, to write the story portion. On the 2nd night in Gerlach, I slept in my car near the tracks, so I would be up at first dawn when the sun rose over the distant mountain range, setting the desert and rails aglow…

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2 comments for “DeWayne “Dooby” Williams: Guru of the Black Rock Desert

  1. 783 Los Padres Blvd. I met doobie back in 1991. He came out to visit as we were taking pictures. On July 9th my grandson and I got to help restore some of guru road. It was a great honor to help The friends of the Black Rock group paint doobies great sayings. Taught my grandson to give back. I’ve been going to the BR since 1985. What a special place.

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