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King of Bohemia: Sadakichi Hartmann in the San Gorgonio Pass

Editor’s note–To those who remember him when he lived on the Morongo Reservation in the 1930s, Sadakichi Hartmann was a tattered, scrawny asthmatic who passed his days painting his cherished Mt. San Jacinto. To old friends like Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound and Alfred Stieglitz, he was the King of Bohemia–an influential modernist art critic, artist and poet. Banning historian Bill Bell has spent years researching Sadakichi, one of the most important overlooked historical figures of our region. Here is Part Two of his Three Part article. “Like a snow ghost in feathery flight” Sadakichi Hartmann floated in and out of…

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Out of the Desert: Internment Camp Art Discovered in Banning

Editor’s note: Banning historian Bill Bell recently unearthed a rare trove of art inspired by exile. The hand-stitched scrapbook–poems, essays and linoleum prints–was made by high school students interned at the Poston Relocation Camp, three miles from the Arizona side of the Colorado River and north of Blythe. The internationally acclaimed sculptor Isamu Noguchi voluntarily moved to the camp in 1942 and may have helped to instruct the young artists. The scrapbook is discussed here by the man who found it.    While sorting through decades of donated items to the Banning Public Library I recently found a scrapbook from…

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