Desert Art Center Paint-Outs Resume on Sept. 18th

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September 5, 2010–Painters from the Desert Art Center in Palm Springs have been visiting the local canyons and oases together for more than 60 years. A Paint-Out is not an art class but a free-form excursion for artists who want to visit new places with the freedom to paint, contemplate, and explore either with others or solo.

Here’s the Plein Air Painting Schedule for 2010-2011

Sept. 18                        Garner Valley
Oct. 7  and 16            Indian Canyons
Nov. 4 and  20           White Water Preserve
Dec. 2                            Ironwood Park
Dec.18                           Mission Creek
Jan. 6 and 15              Coachella Valley Preserve (1000 Palms)
Feb. 3                            Painted Canyon
Feb. 19                          Snow Creek
Mar. 3                           San Jacinto Monument Visitor Center on Highway 74
Mar. 19                         Box Canyon in the Mecca Hills
April 7 and 16           Coachella Valley Preserve
May 5                            Indian Canyons

To join the group contact: Elaine Mathews

(760) 328-4911.

The Desert Art Center is located on Palm Canyon Drive next to Francis Stevens Park in Palm Springs. The venerable club, which nurtured many famous Smoketree Painters, operates as an artists’ co-op with 140 artist-members. For more on the Center, see:

2 comments for “Desert Art Center Paint-Outs Resume on Sept. 18th

  1. Hi Judit, I don’t know of any groups of abstract painters here, specifically, but I’d guess you’d be welcome on Elaine Mathews’ Desert Art Center paint-outs. I went along once or twice and I don’t even paint. Everyone is welcome. I’ll ask around about other groups and will let you know.


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