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Janet Morgan: Secrets of the Energetic Landscape

Transcendent artists such as Agnes Pelton aimed to capture the forces  underlying desert mountains and dunes. One of the boldest artists working in the same vein today is Brooklyn-based Janet Morgan. Along with her artist-partner Gregory Frux, she has explored the California and Utah deserts as well as Patagonia, Peru, Antarctica, Turkey and other lands. She was a Death Valley National Park artist-in-residence in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Here, in three sections, is an introduction to the land as Janet sees it. Even if you’re not an artist, Janet’s suggestions can vastly enlarge your view of the passing scenery. Part…

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Q&A with Greg Frux: How to Be an Expedition Artist

The Brooklyn-based artist Gregory William Frux is a master of adventure art in Joshua Tree, Death Valley and all over the world. Also known as exploration art or expedition art, the practice dates to an era when documentary artists routinely accompanied major military and surveying parties. Today only a few quirky souls like Greg and his partner Janet Morgan pursue the romantic trade. A mountaineer and backpacker, Greg has ascended 67 peaks higher than  10,000 feet. His work has been honored by such diverse organizations as the Brooklyn Arts Council, The Library of Congress, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority…

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Death Valley Children’s Book Animates the Arroyos

On April 3rd 2012, at Furnace Creek Visitor Center in Death Valley, artist Janet Morgan unveils her new book on the park, along with a month-long exhibition of paintings by Janet and her husband, Gregory Frux. Morgan was already on the leading edge of landscape art in her role—shared with Greg—as an adventure artist. Together the two have traipsed Peru, Patagonia, Antarctica and remote California deserts in the style of early expedition artists. Now the three-time Death Valley artist-in-residence leads the way again in her children’s book  Welcome to Death Valley. As two ravens, Ravenna and Ramón, explore the desert…

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Janet Morgan and Gregory Frux: Bringing Back Expedition Art

Long before the first art gallery opened on El Paseo, US Army expedition artists of the 1800s sketched the desert on foot. Baldwin Mollhausen braved wolves, grizzlies and snowstorms to make the earliest sketches of the Needles area. For survey artists like Mollhausen tramping through the sands was an essential part of painting a picture. Today most landscape artists survey the terrain from a comfortable vehicle. However, some artists have returned to the original concept of art as a form of exploration, even risk-taking. The British artist Tony Foster, for instance, creates watercolor diaries of the world’s wild places while…

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Randall Tipton Returns to Tahquitz and More

With the desert strangely warm this season, the snakes have awakened early and artists from colder places are busy in the canyons. One such visitor, Randall David Tipton, is a spellbinding landscape painter well-known in Portland and the Northwest–but he tells us he grew up painting the desert. “Once I could drive I spent a lot of time in Yucca Valley, the Morongo Valley and the Indian Canyons,” says the former San Bernardino resident. He returned recently to see the Richard Diebenkorn show at the Palm Springs Art Museum  (he studied with Diebenkorn in Santa Fe), celebrate his marriage to…

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