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  • User AvatarTimothy Long { So nice to read this piece on Paul and Tillie Grimm. My great uncle and aunt, Ed and Maude Pilkington were close friends with them... } – Jul 08, 4:30 PM
  • User AvatarMary Mcgee Renshaw { I remember the little village of Indian Wells. I remember each day of school, picking Mike up in front of his dad's gallery and dropping... } – Jun 28, 9:19 AM
  • User AvatarMIchelle { I have 2 Swinnerton paintings Palo Verde in Bloom and Ironwood Tree that I would like to have appraised. They belonged to my Granparents along... } – Jun 27, 7:46 PM
  • User AvatarBill Balken { This article brought some wonderful memories of Jon Gnagy’s encouraging words while he drew pictures that grew before my very young eyes. Television held much... } – Jun 10, 12:40 AM
  • User Avatarjim develyn { A miner with the golden touch; a magician with a bottomless hat. Another compelling human story with accompanying art, history and personality. Thanks to Ann... } – May 23, 2:17 PM
  • User Avatarchekoya dreamhawk { Always a pleasure to find your stories in my email. } – May 23, 10:14 AM
  • User AvatarRobin Stewart { Always such a treat when the newest publication arrives. Thank you Ann for your wonderful story telling. } – May 22, 3:57 PM
  • User Avatarglenda { an exceptional article, dear ann, about an exceptional human being! love his "kansas" painting, outstanding even now! i see there is a "how to paint... } – May 22, 2:51 PM
  • User AvatarJanet Morgan { I remember him from TV thanks for the article! } – May 22, 6:23 AM
  • User AvatarNicole Panter Dailey { another fabulous story. I hope you do a printed collection of these essays! Thank you. } – May 21, 6:21 PM
  • User AvatarFrank Trettevik { I believe Arnold Trettevik is my Second cousin I would like to chat with His widow Frank Trettevik } – May 21, 2:31 PM
  • User AvatarSusie Watson { Another great story about someone many of us grew up with. Interesting from start to finish! } – May 21, 1:06 PM
  • User AvatarLou Armentrout { I had a John Gnagy learn to draw kit when I was young. I got it for Christmas when I was about 8 or 9. } – May 21, 12:10 PM
  • User AvatarGEORGE L GARRIGUES { I have two of Irving Sussman's paintings on my walls. } – May 02, 12:14 AM
  • User AvatarStephen Belz { Love this part of the Art World.Sam Hyde Harris, Pelton , Mell, Dixon, ......don’t really know where to stop . Such diversity and interpretation of... } – Apr 06, 8:56 PM
  • User AvatarSteven Carlson { Exquisite icons from another dimension. Thank you, Ann - for making me aware of another intriguing artist inspired by the glories of the desert. } – Mar 31, 10:19 PM
  • User Avatarglenda { heart and soul comforting, sharon's art speaks highly of her, can "see" her heritage in her art, so refreshing! thank you dear ann, this story... } – Mar 31, 8:48 PM
  • User AvatarSusie Watson { What a wonderful introduction to this fabulous artist! Love the color palette and the compositions. I think I know who inspired the dog's name. So... } – Mar 31, 1:08 PM
  • User AvatarGlen { Well i lived there for awhile when the place had a bunch of trash outside and such,the place was terrible it has a dark feeling... } – Mar 21, 10:59 PM
  • User AvatarCatherine Coker { This is a wonderful tribute to Agnes and Coates’ novel, Ann. When I read it I felt as though Mari had “painted a novel” in... } – Mar 10, 4:04 PM
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  1. Bob Vinton
    March 7, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    have a great painting by anne hollinger of desert scene,I would like to sell or find some relatives ,my health is such that I have to get rid of my art collection

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