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Val Samuelson: The Bulldozing Modernist of Cat City

I arrived at an estate sale in the Cathedral City cove not long ago to find what looked like a line of leaf-cutter ants carrying away oversized objects. People balanced huge picture frames on their shoulders, floated them along like sails and strapped them to car roofs. The leaf-litter was the accumulated life’s work of artist Val Samuelson, a Cove dweller for 37 years. Today, not long after that inglorious event, Samuelson’s reputation is on the rise as the Cathedral City Public Arts Commission has launched an exhibit devoted to the longtime resident who died in 2000. Known for his…

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Glenda Nordmeyer: Stone Diaries

Since founding this website I can now attest: The world is not really going to Twitter. People are still going deeper and deeper into the land, abandoning their glowing screens to seek beauty. The ranks of contemporary desert painters are replete with people who value great light over a killer app any day. I was reminded of this fact again recently when a Palm Desert acquaintance, Eric Vogt, told me about an old friend of his, Glenda Nordmeyer. If you like desert painting you’ve got to see her work, he said. From Palm Springs I drove east on 1-10 to…

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Andy’s Sea, Agnes’ ‘Hood, “Wild” Movie and More

If anyone can save the Salton Sea, I’m betting on Andrew Dickson. The Cal State U. Fullerton art professor has been quietly, intently focused on painting the Sea for 15 years. Now you have a chance to study with him at his grandmother’s home in North Shore, February 27-March 1, 2015. To prove his desert worthiness, Andy recently powered through a summer AC outage–doing a series of charcoal drawings at Bombay Beach–with umbrella, ice cooler, sunscreen and lots of water. He hopes to host ongoing workshops at his grandmother’s house and introduce more artists to the area. “I love bringing…

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Val Samuelson House, Ziemienski’s Sunset, Mystery Artist and More

The Cathedral City Cove continues to assert its place in desert art history. First there was the recognition of the Agnes Pelton home (thanks to Peter Palladino and Simeon Den) and now a restoration-minded couple has purchased the former Val Samuelson home. Samuelson was a modernist artist who also was art director of the stylish Villager Magazine, and staff artist at the Palm Springs Museum.  He lived in the Cove for 37 years before his death in 2000. The new owner, Jeff Palmer, grew up across the street from Samuelson. His mother, Pearl Palmer, kept up a playful over-the fence…

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