Agnes Pelton Way, Death Valley 49ers, Morongo Art Tours, etc.

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Branding experts make big bucks dreaming up campaigns to sell communities, yet one of the simplest ways to build an identity is to promote a beloved artist. It worked for Santa Fe, in the case of Georgia O’Keeffe, and it’s working for Cathedral City, as City leaders increasingly embrace hometown mystic Agnes Pelton. In the latest effort to bolster the brand, the City unveiled new street signage on F Street (the site of Pelton’s former home): Agnes Pelton Way.

Peter Palladino photo

Peter Palladino photo

In contrast, the city of Indian Wells could write the “What Not to Do” book when it comes to promoting local artists. Despite public outcry, town fathers demolished Carl Bray’s home and studio in 2010; and so far they have reneged on promises to install a memorial at the site of his home.

Site of Carl Bray's former home and studio

Site of Carl Bray’s former home and studio

Driving down the glossy stretch of 111 where many of us once visited the artist, Bray fans look wistfully at the long-vacant mound of dirt.

Artistic preservation scorecard: Cathedral City: 1. Indian Wells: O.

 Go Off-Road For Art in Morongo

There’s still time to get in on the final weekend of the Highway 62 Art Tours, October 26 and 27, 2013. The dual weekend event is really an excuse to wander the high desert dirt roads and pop into strangers’ homes. The plentiful art inspired by the wild and lonely Mojave is a bonus.

 Desert Art Center Paint-Out Schedule 2013-2014

Elaine Mathews, kingpin of the Desert Art Center paint-outs, sent on her schedule for this season. As always, anyone is welcome, including novice artists and observers. The paint-outs are always an uplifting way to spend a day–hang out, join in, learn to draw or just roam about.

Elaien Mathews, Springtime in teh Desert, as featured in Southwest Art Magazine

Elaine Mathews, Springtime in the Desert, as featured in Southwest Art Magazine

Nov. 7  Whitewater Preserve

Nov. 23 Big Morongo

Dec. 5  Box Canyon

Jan. 2  Mission Creek

Jan. 4  Coachella Preserve

Feb. 6  Snow Creek?

Feb. 22 Indian Canyons

Mar. 6  Coachella Preserve

Mar. 29 Joshua Tree Monument/ Hidden Valley

April 3 Indian Canyons

May  1  Hwy. 74 T.Indian Lookout

For info:

 Flora and Fauna in Borrego

The Borrego Art Institute is poised to be a major player in California art. Their first exhibit this season, Flora and Fauna, runs through November 24, 2013. Flora and Fauna

Death Valley 49ers Art Show

The 64th annual Death Valley 49ers Art Show (November 7-10) is a venerable tradition of the Smoke Tree School, as many of our favorite artists–Bill Bender, John Hilton, Clyde Forsythe–were involved in founding the show. DV 49ersThis November 6th, 2013, join Jim Trolinger in a paint-out at Zabriskie Point. In his enthusiasm for Death Valley and plein air painting, Trolinger has singlehandedly triggered a boom in painting on the playas.

 The Case of the Mistaken Desert Artist

It’s not everyday you come across a mistaken identity yarn involving desert painters. Daniel Rohlfing at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery unearthed a good one recently, with his tale of two women—Frances Upson Young and Florence Young–who both painted the desert. The saga includes an appearance by Pasadena art scholar Maurine St. Gaudens.  The article is a just a taste of the treasures found each month in Dan’s newsletter.

4 comments for “Agnes Pelton Way, Death Valley 49ers, Morongo Art Tours, etc.

  1. So typical these days–they can’t wait to tear something down, even if it’s rich in history and perhaps adds to the draw of a community. No one in politics or development looks at a larger picture, nor cares about the future (unless it’s the future of their bank account).

  2. Paint out seems like a really worth while activity. Wish my health would allow attendance.

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